Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mood Ring Manila Sells Cheap Mood Rings!

You read it right Pal! I, the online store owner is selling cheap mood rings for only 50 pesos. I only have one design but I will do my best to sell variety of mood rings. Sorry but I only sell mood rings for metro manila residents for now. 

I prefer meet ups. You can pay me personally so everything will be fair. You can drop your comment here if you are interested.

Ideal locations for meet ups are SM manila, SM San Lazaro, Isetann Recto or places near from what I mentioned.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mood Ring Color Chart Meaning

After buying your first ever mood ring, take a look with this mood ring color meaning that will guide you on familiarizing yourself with the colors of your emotion. Feel free to print this out as your daily guide.

Mood Ring Color Meaning

If you have your own mood ring, you must familiarized yourself with the meaning of every color that appear on your ring so you can distinguish what is your true feeling as of the moment. So here is the list of mood ring color meaning:

What are mood rings?

Mood rings are not your typical ring accessory because it is changing color depending on your emotions that is why it is called a "mood ring". How was that possible? Mood rings are sensitive to temperature and it will react based on your body temperature. I hope that makes sense.